Permanent address

Tara and Akash always met under the open skies. Open skies of their four-walled rooms, skies of their love swirling like age-old wine with contemporary flavours, skies of flavours going mad in their mouths, skies of words bleeding honesty- their life was under the skies. The everchanging sky.

The change kept brewing their warmth and the tantalizing smell of their roadside tea and cigarettes kept growing intense. Tara looked around her world and saw letters written on the bricks of every wall their hearts ever talked across, that is why a thought struck her mind. What if all of these bricks that she is making homes out of become brittle and fall out one day? Which wall will hold her memories fondest, etched like tribal tattoos on her nape? Who will whisper their story in the numbness of their heartache?

She spent nights debating with herself, trying to find an answer, until she found one.

She pulled his alcohol-dipped lips closest and kissed him lovingly in the four walls of her home. A home that will always be etched on her bio-data, as her permanent address, a home she will always come back, walls that will always smell of her memories, an etching on the heart that will never hurt. She loved him most that day as she fumbled with words and laughed with him; they both had a few teardrops too, they both were hurting.

At the middle of the naked night, she gently stroked his chest. He was warm and his breathing was soft. His smell was so familiar, it would calm her down like a child cradled to sleep. She prayed to all the Gods. Begged for happiness to be showered on the body that had her heart caged in. She did not want to own him, she wanted him to fly high and maybe say her name and smile one day, amidst the clouds.

“You would fly one day, you know. You would. I have seen magic in your madness, I have seen my walls breaking down like sand castles against a wave in-front of you. I have seen my permanent address welcoming you into with wide open arms, whispering ‘Welcome, Welcome’ and all my stars blessing you as you stepped into my life, making a mark forever.

This is how I tell you, I will never forget you.”


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