5’0″ x 6’8″

this is a poem in breaks
like our kisses on the edge-
we both are at home,
we both are in love,
Our hearts are as dark
as the creases of the bedsheet
at 3:30 a.m.
and we wonder why we shone
at 5:00 a.m.-
the curtains
were drawn closest.

we are made of stardust,
we are brightest in our flames.
Our bodies are humble,
they love without armour and shields,
our hearts are cowards,
fatigued from all our wars.
We shy away from light,
our dark too bright-
we thirst like in the desert,
we quench like bodies are vino.

we can sit with parchments,
and write in ink of our sweat,
but the sheets are restless
leaving our souls in a mess.

here’s a secret.
We are in the midst of a mist,
and the world is in rosy pink.
let’s love like a myth,
lest the realitas barges in
and we forget!

I am coming to you,
like waves breaking on the shore-
I take with me
a little of you,
the horizon is waiting for me-
and I am failing to keep
my ripples off you.
We wrote our address
in sweat beads
and careless words
on the sheets
of our homemaking.

before you leave the sheets,
the city and me,
stay for a while,
and let’s paint the room in blue-
before the flowers breathe
their last
between the 6 walls
of our first,
ask me what dreams I buried,
tell me about your favourite eyes,
ask me why I drowned that night,
tell me how you will leave me,
ask me if I would ask for your address,
tell me if you’ll remember me,
wrapped in sheets of ecstasy,
in a bed, sized 5’0″ x 6’8″,
ask me if I will forge memories
to remember
the waves in our 5’0″ x 6’8″.

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