Death, in waves.

death comes to me,
in waves-
in the clotting of blood
on my fingertips,
my lips tasting the same
on my wrists-
in the crumbling of the letters
addressed to you,
dying lusty deaths
in my closed fists-
in the eyelashes of a lover
that weaved dreams for me,
the Rhapsody now sounds
like dirge,
and our bloody hearts rejoice-
death comes to me in waves,
like the air gasping to dance
between the spaces of our hands-
we wrote love to each other,
s p a c e l e s s
and now we cannot breathe-
death comes to me in waves,
like the waves of fire
choking me,
as I spell your name,
I wonder how my name sounds
rolling down your lips,
as you hold me in your void-
does death come to you in waves too?
does it come to you,
like you came in me?

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