f r e e d o m ft. love

last night in my dreams,
I screamed aloud,
‘freedom, freedom, freedom!’
my lover lying naked next to me,
his hands wrapped around my neck
like a noose
about to tighten on my life,
and choke me to oblivion-
woke up, startled!
he was drowning
in worries, and miseries,
trying to loosen
my anchor,
trying to help me breathe,
as he wondered
under his breath,
what freedom my flight sought
in my sleep.


I spoke
in slurs and blurs,
in twists and turns,
in whispers and whimps,
freedom is escape,
from the cages
I was born in-
the eyes of the old man,
who touched my skin
and felt my bloody flesh,
caging me in my own body;
the mouth of my first love,
who spelt my name,
when I was on my knees,
caging me in my own love;
my best friend from school,
telling me,
how the poems I wrote on
my childhood and my abuse
was my ticket to the top,
caging me,
in my own words.

I stopped.
my body froze,
I turned blue,
as in my sleep,
I lost my freedom,
to dream,
caged in my own nightmares.

my lover’s hands
now touched my face,
the noose loosened,
and his fingers,
now felt like feather,
like a heart that knows
the weight of the anchor
that was pulling me
down, to drown,
the losing of freedom,
the caging-
his mouth whispered
prayers into my ears,
and my veins
imbibed his words,
and the anchors
broke loose,
all hell opened,
all was in blooms-
he loved with his lips-
my feet and my anchors-
my freedom breathed in me,
as he reached my lips,
and I gasped for breath,

once last time,

before i drowned,

in his love-

a love that spells

f r e e d o m.


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